Strategic dog training that leads you to victory.

Welcome to athena+nike. We are not a dog training service; we are a blog dedicated to building a community that will set up dog owners for success.

Puppyhood – and even doghood – are tough. We offer free training materials as well as a Facebook community to give support and advice to both experienced and new dog owners.

Created in 2021 by Hailey Winkleman, athena+nike was inspired by a lack of comprehensive, engaging material for dog training online. Living in a rural area made it difficult to find local resources, and several video series were uninteresting, included too much filler, or simply weren’t helpful.

Please note that at this time athena+nike is not an accredited training facility. We are just a blog.

The dogs.

We have a full blog post about Athena and Nike, their breeds, and their personalities, but here’s a quick overview.

Athena is a giant schnoodle. Her mom is a giant schnauzer and her dad is a standard poodle. This makes her very intelligent – and stubborn! She has been both a joy and a challenge to train with. Athena is officially recognized as a Canine Good Citizen by the American Kennel Club.

Nike is an F1 goldendoodle. His mom is a golden retriever and his dad is a standard poodle. He is much more laid-back than Athena, but he is a quick learner and loves to please – even if he’d rather be napping.

Calliope (F1B goldendoodle) is the newest member of our athena+nike family! We will have more information about her soon.

The founder.

Hailey with Athena and Nike

Hailey is the founder of athena+nike. When she is not training with the dogs, she consults in design, communications, and marketing through her company Evil Eye Creative Studio. You may notice that the names of the dogs are a reference to Greek mythology, which stems from her love of the classics and ancient art!